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Southampton hub SONeT drug calculator

The Southampton hub SONeT drug calculator has been developed to provide a rapid means for drawing up common drugs and infusions used in stabilisation of neonatal patients.

The drug calculator has been designed following extensive input from University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust (UHS) pharmacists and approval by the UHS neonatal clinical governance group.

Once patient weight and gestation is filled in the yellow coloured sections, the drug calculator automatically calculates the doses of common drugs. Please note it may be necessary to enable macro security settings in MS Excel. 

Further information regarding these drugs is also available as a drug monograph.

The drug sheet may be downloaded and printed out from the website each time it is used, or may be saved to a local computer for speed of access. However, locally saved copies will not update to the latest version which will always be available from this website.


The guidance does not override individual responsibility of healthcare professionals to make decisions appropriate to the circumstances of the individual patients.

It remains the responsibility of the prescriber to ensure all doses are correctly prescribed before they are administered. Furthermore, the authors or UHS will accept neither responsibility or liability for any drug administration or dosing errors.

The drug calculator does not yet have official approval by the MHRA as a medical device. Pending formal MHRA approval, clinicians need to be aware that they use this calculator at their own risk.