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Parent feedback form


We appreciate that the transfer of your baby to another hospital is an important and sometimes difficult time. 

Our aim is to improve our service for both our patients and their families. To help us do this we would be grateful if you complete this brief anonymous feedback form.

If there are any aspects of the care that you would like to discuss with us in person, please call or email us. We will take your contact details (your name, baby’s name, DOB and your contact number) and one of our team members will return your call or reply back.

  • Which transfer team are you providing feedback for?
  • Were you informed about the reasons why your baby was being moved?
  • Did the transport team introduce themselves to you?
  • Did the team explain the transport process to you?
  • Did you receive a parent’s information leaflet about the transport service?
  • Were you given the travel and contact details for the new hospital?
  • Did the transport team try to answer your questions?
  • Did the transport team contact you or try to contact you after arriving at the new hospital, if you were not accompanying them?