Neurosurgical transfers

PICUA number of neurosurgical conditions require time critical intervention. These lesions include:

  • expanding intra-cranial haematomas
  • obstructive hydrocephalus (brain tumours, blocked V-P shunts) 

As soon as such lesions are suspected please phone the SORT hotline: 023 8077 5502

  • A separate referral to neurosurgery is not required, SORT will contact the neurosurgical team on your behalf.
  • Exopacs (Southampton) CT scans as soon as available.
  • Image link (Oxford) CT scans as soon as available.
  • Refer to management of severe traumatic brain injury and hypertonic saline guidelines.
  • If a time critical lesion is identified we will ask you to transfer the child yourself to the accepting neurosurgical centre.
  • Local protocols to facilitate this process with the minimum delay should be in place