Travelling with your child

Can you travel in the ambulance?

We will always try to offer one parent the opportunity to travel in the ambulance with your child, if space allows. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. The team transferring your child will offer you this opportunity when they meet you and will give you an information leaflet to read regarding your safety when travelling with your child.

Travelling in the back of an ambulance can be uncomfortable especially for those who suffer with motion sickness. The ambulance will usually use lights and sirens to facilitate a timely transfer to the PICU. This can further exacerbate motion sickness. There may be other factors that limit our ability to offer you transport with your child and the team reserves the right to refuse this offer if they feel it in any way may compromise their ability to transfer your child safely.   

Can you follow the ambulance?

For safety reasons you must not follow directly behind our ambulance. It is important to remember that this is a very stressful time for you and taking a steady journey is probably in your best interests. Please feel free to go home and collect some personal items that will ease your stay in hospital before travelling to PICU.

COVID-19 positive patients and parents

Parents of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 positive patients will not be permitted to travel with their child. They will have to undertake a test on arrival to PICU and adhere to the infection prevention guidance. They will then be able to visit their child providing they are asymptomatic.

Parents who were self-isolating due to symptoms or a COVID-19 contact need to follow the current government guidance. This is for the protection of other vulnerable patients and staff. We will endeavour to keep them regularly updated. Our team understand that this will be an incredibly difficult time for them.