About us

About us

Southampton Oxford Neonatal Transport (SONeT) is a collaboration between two neonatal intensive care units (NICUs).

We deliver expert neonatal intensive care and transfer services to hospitals throughout the Thames Valley and Wessex region.

As soon as you suspect a baby might need neonatal transfer, please phone the SONeT call centre for advice regarding the stabilisation and on-going management of your patient prior to their transfer.

Depending on the clinical need of the patient, we provide advice or arrange neonatal retrieval and transfer. We will locate and transfer the patient to the appropriate level neonatal cot nearest to their local hospital.  If there is no suitable NICU cot within the neonatal network (Oxford, Portsmouth and Southampton) the SONeT team will find a cot in the nearest NICU and transfer the patient.

We will co­ordinate specialist advice for complex patients and provide a repatriation service to your local hospital within the network for ongoing neonatal care. 

The neonatal transport team consists of a doctor or advanced nurse practitioner (ANNP) and a specialist transport nurse. A NICU transport consultant will be available at all times for advice (if not part of the team).