Southampton information

Neonatal DepartmentThe neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in Southampton provides surgical and medical intensive care treatment for babies born in the Wessex region. It also provides neonatal care for babies needing cardiothoracic services. 

All families of babies who are in NICU require help and support to cope with the reality of their baby's situation and to manage their other family responsibilities. 

Our facilities include:

  • accommodation for parents and facilities near to the unit within Ronald McDonald House, 5 mins walk from NICU
  • accommodation adjacent to NICU, for you to gain confidence looking after your baby prior to discharge
  • an en-suite family room on NICU for parents.  
  • a separate lounge area for families which includes refreshment facilities and a play area for siblings
  • a quiet counselling room
  • an expressing suite for mothers
  • a parent toilet with disabled access and changing facilities
  • a range of cafes and refreshment facilities. 

We aim to work in partnership with you, keeping you involved and part of the decision making process. All members of our team are encouraged to adopt this philosophy. In addition to the doctors and nurses, we have a range of other professional who help to support family care. These include:

  • a family support team - to help support you
  • a parent led family support group - Holding little hands
  • a breastfeeding support team - to support you with learning to feed your baby .


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