Planned transfers and repatriation

Planned elective transfers are usually back transfers / planned repatriations to local units for continuation of neonatal care. 

For planned transfers when a bed has been confirmed in the receiving unit, please complete web planned referral form preferably at the latest by 5pm the day before planned transfer.

The SONeT call centre checks web submissions at midnight, 4am, 8am, 12noon, 4pm and 8pm. If your transfer is required urgently in between these times ring the SONeT call centre on 01865 223344. 

The referring hospital transfer checklist should be completed to aid management prior to the arrival of the team. Parents may also wish to read our SONeT parent information leaflet. 

Families may also wish to wish to have a copy of the local neonatal unit parent information leaflet of the unit to which they are being transferred. 

Referrals for repatriations should be made once a cot has been confirmed and the patient has been accepted by the receiving unit.