Travelling with your baby

Can you travel in the ambulance?

We will always try to offer one parent the opportunity to travel in the ambulance with your baby, if space allows. The team transferring your baby will offer you this opportunity when they meet you. Unfortunately it is not possible for mothers receiving maternity care to travel with their baby.

Travelling in the back of an ambulance can be uncomfortable, especially for those who suffer with motion sickness. The ambulance may use lights and sirens and this can further exacerbate motion sickness. There may be other factors that limit our ability to offer you transport with your baby and the team reserves the right to refuse this offer if they feel it may in any way compromise their ability to transfer your baby safely.

Can you follow the ambulance?

For safety reasons you must not follow directly behind the ambulance. For your safety, taking a steady journey is probably in your best interests. Please feel free to go home and collect some personal items before travelling to the NICU or receiving unit to meet your baby.